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tobymcdonough: Good to see the bros today @calumhood. 
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Michael’s reaction to kittens surprise

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iHeartRadio Festival - Las Vegas - September 20, 2014 [HQ]

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walking past a boy with a cute butt in the hallway like


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“I’m not sure how to put into words how I feel but I guess I’ll give it a try. I just know that I want to experience everything in the world with you. I want you by my side when I fall asleep, when I’m happy, when I’m sad. I want you in the morning when I wake up and at night when I fall sleep. I want to take pictures of us and hang them everywhere. You’re always on my mind and I can’t sleep because of the butterflies. I didn’t ever think that this kind of feeling was possible. I never thought I’d be so terrified of losing someone. All I know is I want you to stay. Please stay.”

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i hate calum hood

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